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Hg5-002-CR, Use Coupon Code: solm59 for $12.00 off Purchase Price
Hg5-002-CR, Use Coupon Code: solm59 for $12.00 off Purchase Price


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Use Coupon Code: solm59 during checkout to Get $12.00 off the Solmetex Replacement Collection Contatiner w/ Recycle Kit (Hg5-002-CR) this month.
(Hg5-002-CR) *Item MUST be drop shipped directly to the dental office.
  • Dentist places an order for a replacement collection container with recycle kit (hg5-002CR) by calling their dental distributor. Note: Do not discard packaging! It is required for return shipment!
  • SolmeteX®, who maintains an inventory of Hg5®collection containers, ships the replacement collection container directly to the dentist.
    1. Each replacement collection container is packaged in a reusable box with all materials necessary for return shipment to Mercury Waste Solutions, Inc. (MWSI) for recycle, including a UPS PRP (Package Return Program) shipping label. 
    2. Upon shipment of the replacement collection container from SolmeteX®, the UPS tracking number is linked to the dental office and allows the package to be tracked using the UPS tracking system.
  • The dentist, upon receipt of the replacement collection container, replaces the spent collection container with the new replacement collection container.
    1. The spent collection container is placed in the packaging that was used for delivery of the new replacement collection container.
    2. The dentist or service technician uses the peel off UPS PRP label for addressing the return delivery and calls UPS toll free number to arrange pick up of the spent collection container.
    3. UPS picks up the spent collection container from the dentist to ship to MWSI and tracking of the return shipment is initiated.
  • MWSI scans the collection container upon receipt from UPS to acknowledge delivery at the recycling facility.
  • MWSI scans the spent collection container upon placement into recovery furnace so the dentist's record can carry a Recycled status for that collection container.
  • Recycle certificates are issued to the dentist 60 days after collection container is recycled.

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